about_usCompuEx was formed in 1999, with the objective of providing the leading business management and accounting products and services under a partnered delivery process. CompuEx is one of the information industry’s premier enterprise software development firms specializing in Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s).

CompuEx business management and accounting products and services gave thousands of small and medium business users the tool of success throughout their business lives.

Our internal software quality control and software auditors and consultants are amongst the highly skilled professionals in the nation. Holding advanced degrees in business and engineering.


Value is a very vague term for companies that emerge during high growth period in any industry. At CompuEx we believe in value innovation and we go beyond industry norms to develop solutions that add value to your business. our corporate philosophy never emerged suddenly.

In fact, our focus, determination and enthusiasm to bring quality and peace of mind for the client emerged during the years of achievements in the industry. This clearly indicates our expertise and synergy to cater to the needs of today’s corporate and enterprise demands. We unfold true value for our customers giving them the ultimate essence of service i.e., the prompt after-sales support.

Our support team is enthusiastic and is determined to explore new avenues to give satisfactory after sales support. We at CompuEx deliver products after continuous testing and transform our business-oriented ideas into valuable products and services. We are the specialized maintenance and support consultants and provide various types and levels of integrated support.