Apart from the low cost of ownership and savings achieved by implementing compuex ERP to manage multiple businesses, and functions of each business and department, usage of compuex ERP delivers the complete solution you need.

Other significant benefits include:

Improved Visibility

Due to the centralized nature of compuex ERP, many aspects of your business’s procedures and financial management are stored in a central database, organizations can track inventory levels instantly, including inventory in transit and future purchase orders to be received. This visibility can enable your organizations to control their working capital requirements to a great degree. This visibility also enables organizations to run their enterprise in accordance with their strategy, while empowering them to make quick decisions to pursue opportunities.

In multi-locations and regional organizations, compuex ERP can centralize at head office, or on the cloud, to keep all branches and subsidiaries up to date.

compuex ERP uses the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server as a backend database, Microsoft SQL Server is a cloud-ready platform that will help you to expand your business locations locally, regionally, and internationally, when it comes to expandability, the sky is the limits, compuex ERP will expand with you horizontally and or vertically.

Reduced Operating Costs

One of the most immediate benefits from implementing compuex ERP is reduced operating costs: such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower cost of sales. By avoiding duplication of information but not reinventing the wheel for common business processes, compuex ERP provides opportunities for cost reduction and value-added tasks, leading to increased margins, and competitive edge.

Standardized Business Processes

compuex ERP is designed around standard best-business processes, which are based on industry best practices. Organizations can use these business processes to standardize their own processes. This process consistency allows a consolidated view of the business across the distributed enterprise, enabling organizations to drive continuous improvements, as operations are streamlined and there is healthy synergy between departments and functions. The improvement also comes from transparency and reduction in human errors due to automation of inter-company transactions.

Best Business Practice and Compliance

compuex ERP is a GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principle) Compliant system, and adopts the market best business practices, including financial reports according to international standards.

Instant Management Reports

Whether you are running retail or a manufacturing business, where each transaction is electronically entered as it occurs, using compuex ERP forces you staff to keep up with data entry and stay current with business transactions for immediate management status reports and decisions.

And being forced to stay current has the added benefit of keeping your business up to date and tuned in to the financial pulse. You have a much better chance of spotting a cash flow gap or a customer who’s developing a serious credit problem than the small business person who’s just throwing all the receipts and invoices into a drawer and dealing with them when needed.

Security and Control

Depending on your business nature, small or big, simple or complex, one manned or hundreds of employees, compuex ERP give the power of security and control on who can do what, and see what in the application.

Permission control for users are assigned in three methods, per user, per group, or both, which provides you the flexibility required depending on your simple or complex needs.

Provides analysis tools

Having compuex ERP is like having an in-house financial advisor; the powerful reports allow you to analyse different aspects of your business, providing the data you need to make better financial decisions. Reports such as Balance Sheet Summaries show exactly how well your business is doing at the moment while reports such as Customer Who Owe Money lets you manage your Accounts Receivable more easily.

Because compuex ERP does so many of the necessary calculations for you, your financial data will have a higher level of accuracy than it would if you were keeping old-style pen and paper records – especially if you have several different people inputting the data.

It also makes it easier to access and provide accurate information. Need a supplier’s mailing address? To know when a customer last made a payment on an outstanding account? It’s all right there.


Besides the speed of processing accounting data, another advantage of compuex ERP is the way it organizes financial information. The data is saved and organized in a certain way, which is easy to find. For example if you want to know if a certain invoice was paid, look it up in the system and it will tell you when the invoice was paid, the cheque number and any other details about the vendor, all organized in one place. If you lose an invoice, information about it may still be found in compuex ERP, you can look for information that is stored in a systematic way.