softwareOur goal is advanced solutions that are user friendly. CompuEx translates software expertise and business savvy into powerful and user-friendly applications.

We apply the strength of Microsoft and other leading development tools to effectively implement software solutions that enhance your productivity. The desired front end (Access, Word, Excel, VB) is effectively integrated with the appropriate backend (SQL Server, Access) using standard MS techniques. This expertise translates to friendly yet functional user based systems, as well as powerful operating or database engines. Our software applications are designed to help businesses perform faster, consolidate resources, save time and improve their bottom line.

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific project goals. This is augmented with an understanding of how the project will work within other business platforms, network requirements, company structure and value expectations. More importantly, we review how the application will address the client’s customers. Following development of a project Master Schedule, sequential phases of the program are designed and built based upon choices in user interaction, technology and software language. The initial release follows analysis of form views and report formats utilizing standard conventions for familiarity and performance.

CompuEx creates the back end data warehouse structure and provides for future scalability in a number of formats including Microsoft Access or SQL, depending on data storage needs. Performance enhancement and product testing are conducted to validate the quality of the application. CompuEx also takes responsibility to work with the client in pre- qualifying software applications.