support_contractCompuEx provides a complete portfolio of service and support options customized to meet your current and future business needs. System Service and Maintenance Support Plan is our umbrella of services that includes software maintenance and upgrades, technical support, dedicated technical account management, and much more.

With System Service and Maintenance Support Plan you have the flexibility to choose the right service and support options for your business. Through industry-leading service and support, we focus on helping you increase the value of your investment, by supporting your needs and solving your toughest problems.

Services Brief

CompuEx proposed solution will involve the analysis and planning for the client in order to insure the proper understanding of client internal business process and business practice. During the practice of planning, CompuEx’s qualified business consultants will involve the client top management with recommendations of business streamlining.

The system and maintenance support plan starts from the date of product purchase for a period of 12 months. The following key activities and areas are as proposed within the recommended solution:

1.You shall provide with pre-scheduled quarterly visits within the 12 month system and maintenance support plan.

2.To stay up-to-date on any product releases You shall be provide with the latest software updates.

You will entitled for 25% discounts for any onsite support visit based on then current rates.