Feeling a bit puzzled about the various terms and acronyms used to describe the crowd of software products on the market? If so, you are certainly not alone. As new software functionality is developed, software terminology continues to grow and expand. To assist and help alleviate some of the confusion, the below list is provided as a quick reference guide for your usage.

APS: Advanced Planning System

ASP: Application Service Provider

ATS: Automatic Transportation System

BI: Business Intelligence

BPM: Business Process Management

BPO: Business Process Optimization

B2B: Business to Business

B2C: Business to Consumer

CRP: Capacity Requirements Planning

CFM: Collaborative Freight Management

CPFR: Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

CAAP: Computer Aide Process Planning

CAD: Computer Aided Design

CAE: Computer Aided Engineering

CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing

CBT: Computer Based Training

CIM: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CMI: Computer Management Instruction

CM: Configuration Management

CALS: Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

DSS: Decision Support System

DCM: Demand Chain Management

DRS: Disaster Recovery System

DCM: Distribution Channel Management

DRP: Distribution Resource Planning

ERM: E-Business Relationship Management

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

ERM: Employee Relationship Management

EAI: Enterprise Application Integration

EAM: Enterprise Asset Management

ECM: Enterprise Commerce Management

ECM: Enterprise Content Management

EIM: Enterprise Incentive Management

EPM: Enterprise Performance Measurement

EQM: Enterprise Quality Management

ERM: Enterprise Relationship Management

ERO: Enterprise Resource Optimization

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

ERPII: ERP & Collaborative Commerce

EIS: Executive Information System

ESE: Extended Selling Enterprise

4PL: Fourth Party Logistics

HCM: Human Capital Management

HRMS: Human Resource Management System

HRIS: Human Resources Information System

IT: Information Technology

ITS: Intelligent Transportation System

IVHS: Intelligent Vehicle Handling System

IBT: Internet Based Training

ICO: Inventory Chain Optimization

IMS: Inventory Management System

KM: Knowledge Management

LCMS: Learning Content Management System

LMS: Learning Management System

LIS: Logistics Information System

LIMS: Logistics Inventory Management System

MRO: Maintenance, Repair & Operations

MIS: Management Information System

MSS: Management Support System

MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems

MRPII: Manufacturing Resource Planning

MRP: Material Requirements Planning

PRM: Partner Relationship Management

PDM: Physical Distribution Management

PMS: Planned Maintenance System

POS: Point of Sale (System)

PM: Preventive maintenance

PKMS: Process Knowledge Management System

PDS: Product Development System

PLM: Product Lifecycle Management

PMS: Product Management System

PLM: Production Line Management

QPM: Quantitative Process Management

RMS: Retail Management System

SFA: Sales Force Automation

SMS: Stock Management System

SRM: Supplier Relationship Management

SCC: Supply Chain Collaboration

SCE: Supply Chain Execution

SCM: Supply Chain Management

TEB: Technology Enabled Buying

TCRM: Technology Enabled Customer Relationship Management

TES: Technology Enabled Selling

3PL: Third Party Logistics

TPM: Total Preventative Maintenance

TQM: Total Quality Management

TMS: Transportation Management System

VCS: Virtual Classroom Service

WMS: Warehouse Management System

WBPSS: Web Based Performance Support System

WBT: Web Based Training